Monday, 21 May 2012

All that's left is the hole

Vogue 8751 Easy.
A super easy pattern to follow and make up, I strongly recommend this if you are looking for a pair of wide-legged, high-waisted pants. There are side pockets in the side seams and a broad waistband that has various closures, including belt carriers. The broad waistband acts like a girdle so there are no muffins bulging out but the top of the trousers are fitted and shirts and blouses look good tucked in or out. Really versatile, I reckon you could use almost any fabric too - lightweights or wools. I was lucky and cut straight off the pattern with minor taking in needed at the waist - no crotch adjustments. 

I do have a slanted zip though; it's straight when I'm not in the trousers so I'm guessing it's my tummy that's distorting it and not my sewing!

I choose to make mine in white Irish linen, in fact the remains of the bed sheet.  I was going to do the Burda May 2012 flap over front pants but couldn't be bothered tracing the pattern while this one was already sitting around in the pattern box.

I hmmed and hahhed about lining the trousers. Linen trousers are supposed to be loose and cool but the worn part of the sheet happened to end up on my backside and the thought of me sitting down to the sounds of ripping fabric was too much worry to carry around, so I lined them in a lightweight cotton lawn. Anyway, temperatures rarely rise beyond 25 Celsius here so it's not exactly tropical.

I'd managed to cut the leg hems at the edge of the sheet and so these already had a finished edge.

I cut the cotton lining just shy of the large hem (for weight) and slip stitched the hem turn-up to the lining. See, no stitches on the outside and the lining won't wrinkle up when the trousers are washed! Great.
The front has three white buttons for closure and I left off the belt carriers.

Ohh sunshine, warmth and at last, the boots are off and the sandals are out. Perfect white linen trousers weather.

Worn today with Rachel Comey top from Vogue 1247. Made in Ana Sui silk and with lots of alterations. Blog another day. The star of this show is the trousers 

Perfect fitting at the back and slimming from the side. I really do suit wide legged trousers, don't you think?

Why I bother to try new shapes and style is beyond me when I know I feel comfortable and quite good in these.

And the shoes..... Clarks summer selection sandals. Ochre suede with cork platform and heels and the most comfortable pair of new shoes I've ever put on.

Here's the cat ignoring me.

You may recall that this was the state of our precious linen sheet. That thin worn section underneath the tear is the bit that I cut for the backs of the trousers. It is rather fragile but the lining gives a bit of body and security. It also helps cut down on the pockets showing though at the front too.
This sheet has seen approximately 1,620 nights, washed and ironed at least 90 times, now new life as Paco's half circle skirt and a pair of trousers and all that's left of the sheet is the hole!

And yes, once again, it still wrinkles but I'm convincing myself that this is the mark of good linen!

I'm putting these in for Pattern Review's all natural fibres competition - not asking you to vote for me or anything as dresses always seem to win these things, but you can be 100% guaranteed that these are 100% natural fibres and recycled into the bargain.

Maybe StephC was right - linen goes on and on - just in different guises. I take it all back Stephanie!

Thanks for reading. Ruth


  1. I love your classic, beautifully fitted trousers. How cool that they were once a sheet and that you have all that important linen washing +++ for softening and decreased wrinkling already done before you even had a garment to wrinkle!

  2. They look fantastic!!

  3. Ruth these look great on and fit so well. Better still you recycled the bedsheet (a girl after my own heart).

    Good luck in the natural fibre contest.

  4. Those are indeed a star! I love the waist detail. Fighting a huge impulse to gush over those sandals!!!!

  5. I am going to be making the exact same pair of pants later this week except out of a knit fabric. So glad to see your review. They look wonderful.

  6. Congrats: Great fit, even the back! Your pants look good (...and I want your shoes!) :D


  7. AnonymousMay 22, 2012

    These look great! I'm fanatical about pants looking good from the back, and these win a prize! If that zip really is slanted when you wear them (and not just in that one pic), you might want to make a full tummy alteration next time. Also, Sandra Betzina and maybe others, in Threads and in various books, illustrate how to do what I think they call a tummy stay - where you attach the pockets to CF to create a kind of mini-girdle type of thing across the front. I've never done it and am probably mis-representing it to some extent, but if you google it you might find a useful technique. I do plan to try it myself at some point. Good luck on the contest!

  8. wonderful pants and so flattering, well done!

  9. Thanks everyone. I always appreciate your comments and advice. You've all been so complimentary. Keep up the good work chaps!

  10. Lovely pants! They fit so well and you look awesome. Thanks for reminding me that I need to pull this pattern out. Just hope my fit is as great! Beautiful job.

  11. Love love love these! I'll vote for you. Who needs more dresses, when pants like these lok awesome AD are practical? Great post, thanks for sharing. :)

  12. Awesome fit! These pants are very flattering on you.